“I was surprised to hear about all the research on how chiropractic can help with my numbness. Why don’t more people know about this?” – Dan S., 71 years old, Burlington, ON

85% Of Patients Eliminated Numbness, Tingling, or Sharp Pains

Numbing or tingling is an extremely frustrating issue.

It may be intermittant… come and go during the day or interrupting your sleep… and at the worst times it can even make your arm or legs feel weak.  You may have even been to other doctors or professionals and they say that all their tests show that there is nothing wrong.  But…. you know without a doubt that you have a problem.


So we have good news for you!

Chiropractic care has been proven effective in helping to remove the pressure on the nerves caused by degeneration or shifts in the spine.



  • Pills are not the solution
  • What Researchers Say
  • Your answer

pill-bottleA far too common approach to nerve problems is to take some med and then wait and see what happens.  This could be useful for short term relief in order for you to get through the day however using them long term is dangerous and no way to live.  They prescribe a variety of different types of medications for this condition including pain pills, anti-seizure mediations, and anti-depressants.  Its important to note that all of these options have serious side effects.

The Likely Cause Of Your Problem
Its quite common that numbness or tingling in the arms, hands, legs, or feet are caused nerve or nerve root irritation related back to the spine. Degeneration or misalignments cause changes to the bones from the neck all the way down to the tail bone.

We use gentle techniques that will restore spinal joint mobility . This will allow for the nerve to heal and you notice the difference when the symptoms lessen and begin to go away.

what-the-experts-sayMany studies have proven chiropractic’s effectiveness in helping nerve conditions.

“Patients showed an 85.5% resolution of the nerve symptoms after only 9 chiropractic treatments.” – Journal of Chiropractic Medicine 2008

Patients receiving chiropractic care had “significant improvement in perceived comfort and function, nerve conduction and finger sensation overall.” – JMPT 1998

“Significant increase in grip strength and normalization of motor and sensory latencies were
noted. Orthopedic tests were negative. Symptoms dissipated.” – JMPT 1994

Its been proven that you could be living a new life… a life without those crippling nerve problems.

chiropractic-wellness-teaserCould This Be Your Solution?

It’s time for you to find out if chiropractic will be your neuropathy solution.  The first step is the initial examination at our Burlington location.  We will do a complete neuromuscular examination and may need to take a full set of specialized x-rays to determine if a spinal problem is contributing to your pain or symptoms.  If you have any questions then we will spend as much time as needed to fully inform you about what is wrong and what it will take to correct it.  Call us 289-337-6255 and we can get you scheduled for your consultation as soon as there’s an opening.

Why suffer for years in misery?

This is no way to live.  Especially when there could be a simple solution to your problem.  Don’t live any longer feeling great mentally but physically you can’t do what you love.  Let us help you.

Call our Burlington office today at 289-337-6255


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