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Chiropractic For Kids and Babies?

Chiropractic For Kids and Babies?

Every August is kids month at Maximized Health to help raise awareness that chiropractic is for kids too.  But every year we get the same reaction when it comes to babies, “I don’t think I would let you crack my baby’s back?”.  This always shocks me.

Between our two locations (Burlington and Mississauga) our doctors have consulted for, examined and adjusted thousands of children over a 37 year period so chiropractic for kids is old news for us but I guess its easy to forget that this concept is new to some people and they have no idea what to expect.

Similar to an adult, the initial visit of your child or baby includes a thorough history of their life, details of the birth process is evaluated, and the lifestyle of the mother during pregnancy.  The physical portion of the evaluation includes an alignment check of the spine and assessment of nerve flow through reflex development measurements and checking for potential blockages of nerve signal that could affect growth and development.

Why Should Children and Even Babies Be Assessed?

Issues can all start from birth and build from there.  There can be many complications unknown to the parent that occur during the birth process, especially if there was a forceps delivery or cesarean section.  In fact a huge research study in Europe conducted over a 35 year period with a massive analysis of two million children.   They found that those who were delivered by cesarean delivery had a significantly increased risk of asthma, systemic connective tissue disorders, juvenile arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, immune deficiencies, and leukemia.

At the present time, the most qualified professional to assess the health of your child’s spine is a chiropractor.  Furthermore, Chiropractors are the only profession trained to evaluate, diagnose and correct interference to the nerve system.  Considering all the research showing the serious effects caused by problems with the spine hopefully other professionals such as pediatricians will be trained as well.  Early diagnosis will prevent long term affects of neuro-musculo-skeletal problems.

Whether your child has a symptom or not, it is important that they have a spinal check up.  We believe this will give your child a significant head start for a future of maximized health so find a chiropractor that can take care of your family throughout their life like your family dentist or physician.

Reference: Sevelsted A, Stokholm J, Bønnelykke K, Bisgaard H. Cesarean section and chronic immune disorders. Pediatrics. 2015 Jan;135(1):e92-8.

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