11 Mar

Healthcare Myths – Part 2

The right way for you and your family to get well?

MYTH:  Getting well is through the use of medications, supplements, surgery, or some sort of doctor.

FACT: Wellness from your family does not come solely from an outside-in source.  The only way to get well is to remove theinterference to the signals allowing for normal functioning of the body and healing.  Never believe a chiropractor that says he can heal you!  Chiropractic doesn’t heal anything.  Chiropractic does however play a role in removing interference to your nervous system by correcting problems with the spine.  Essentially, Chiropractors turn your power on!

Remember, Chiropractors do not prescribe drugs for their patients and furthermore can not tell patients to get off their drugs if they have been prescribed by another doctor.  That is the role of a medical doctor.  Chiropractors on the other hand are lifestyle wellness experts who can advise on the dangers of poor lifestyle decisions to naturally maximize health.  As your body starts to heal you can work with your family doctor to help reduce or eliminate prescriptions all have dangerous side effects.

“The person who takes medicine must recover twice; once from the disease and once from the medicine” – William Usler, MD

The Top Five Ways to Reach Your Health Potential

  1. Maximize Your Mind
  2. Maximize Your Nerve Supply
  3. Maximize Your Quality Nutrients
  4. Maximize Your Oxygen Circulation and Lean Muscle
  5. Minimize Your Exposure to Toxins
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