11 Mar

Healthcare Myths – Part 1

How can you tell when your family is healthy and well?

MYTH:  You’re family is healthy because they look or feel good.

FACT:  Judging your families health based on how they look and feel can be a fatal mistake.  All too often people who look and feel good will die suddenly of heart attacks, or discover that they have had cancer building for years.  Health has nothing to do with how you look and feel.  According to the World Health Organization health is when your body is healing and functioning at 100% and not just the absence of disease or infirmity.  This means that you and your family  can only be truly healthy when you have the full amount of nerve flow or “life” impulses from the brain, down the spinal cord and out to the body.  Remember, these nerve signals control and coordinate every gland, muscle, connective tissue, organ and healing of the body.

How do we get sick?

MYTH: Someone that has been around us with a bug or is sick and we “catch” the sickness like catching a football.  We get cancer and heart disease because of bad luck, genes or old age.

FACT: Sickness or illness is very rarely caused by genes.  Environment within and outside the body is the key factor here.  Sickness or illness is generally caused by only two things.  That’s it!  Either a deficiency or toxcity.

  • Deficiency: Not giving your body or exposure of enough of what it needs
  • Toxicity: Giving your body too much or exposure of too much of what it doesn’t need

These are the main five areas that can be toxic or deficient that need to be addressed to acheive 100% health:

  1. Your Mind – Your thoughts affect your health
  2. Your Nervous System – This is the master controller of the body.  You can’t have health unless there is no interference to this vital system
  3. Your Nutrition – Keeping your body equipped with the highest quality building block for physiology is essential
  4. Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle – Physical fitness is key for burning visceral fat, and increasing oxygen circulation
  5. Environmental Exposure to Toxins – We are bombarded with toxins all day and each person has a toxic bucket.  If it gets too full, the body won’t be able to do its job and break down.
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