“I’ve been suffering from fibro for years and nobody that I’ve seen before coming to Maximized Health could tell me what was wrong. It was nice to hear finally that this all wasn’t just in my head” – Morgan, 39 years old, Burlington, ON

Do you hurt all over and feel like your energy has been fully drained from your body?

Does using the washroom feel like a 20 km hike?

Have you had numerous tests done with your doctor and they still can’t find anything wrong?

You may have answered yes to all of these questions but just know that you are not alone.  Over 10 million people in North America suffer from the effects of fibromyalgia. And what is more sad is that most of these people have been told they’re crazy, lazy, or just suffering from depression.


“You’ve Tried Everything, Been Everywhere, And You’re Still Suffering”

Does your doctor believe fibromyalgia is a real disease? You know it is because you suffer with it every day and we know it is because we see it in our office regularly.


What our Fibromyalgia Patients Are Saying

“To all who take their health for granted, imagine a condition that makes even the simplest task feel like running a marathon.”

Meghan S. 44 years old

“I am exhausted and tired of the guilt I feel from not being able to fix dinner for my husband, keep my house the way I like or even pick up my girls. Between the kids, my medications and the pain I can barely just get that done, let alone clean and cook dinner.”

Sarah M. 49 years old

Fibromyalgia is real!

Fibromyalgia like most other diseases are invisible. On the surface you look fine, but underneath you can be exhausted and sometimes in excruciating pain.

The more patients we help get better, the more we realized that…

No Woman (or man) Should Have To Suffer The Way You Do.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission in our Burlington practice to help those suffering with chronic pain like you.  You don’t have to be envious of others’ good health and mobility forever.  We can help!


  • FAQ
  • What Researchers Say
  • The Right Plan

question-marks-on-facesWe will provide answers to all your most frustrating questions about fibromyalgia like…

…the best nutritional supplements proven to help…

…which type of, mattress, sleeping position and pillow you should use for a great night’s sleep…

…the types of food will help you and which ones that you should avoid…

…how to exercise properly so you aren’t making your pain worse…


Finally, A Proven Solution For Fibromyalgia Pain

Many research studies have shown the benefits of chiropractic care with fibromyalgia patients.

Dr. Frederick Wolfe, who is a renown investigator of fibromyalgia and clinical professor at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, published a study on this condition.  He asked patients what they found helped them the most  with their symptoms which included specific medications or alternative treatments.

Dr. Wolfe discovered that changes to lifestyle worked better than drugs and his paper stated that “Chiropractic treatment also scored among the most effective measures.”

Another study examined the effectiveness of chiropractic in relieving fibromyalgia symptoms.

After just a few chiropractic visits, fibromyalgia patients improved with less pain and fatigue, and were found to have better sleeps. (JMPT 2000)

chiropractic-wellness-teaserThere Is Hope. You Just Need The Right Plan.

Don’t be fooled to think that your pain will just resolve on its own, without any treatment.  You have already had it for a long time, so its clearly not going away.  A study from May 1998 published in the British Medical Journal even proved this myth is false.  The study showe that 75% of back pain sufferers that do not address the cause will have either pain or disability 12 months later.

Imagine your life without the constant aches, pains and fatigue.

Imagine jumping up straight out of bed, and ready to tackle the day…putting an end to waking up feeling like just you got hit by a truck.

Imagine tossing out the bottles pain med that haven’t really helped.  Whats it worth to you to not have to be at risk to the dangerous side effects from these meds?

Imagine what it would be like to finally have hope again.

By working together, we can customize a treatment plan just for you. And best of all, there will be…

No Harmful Drugs, No Uncertain Procedures, And No Intimidation. Call Us Today to Schedule your Initial Consultation.

Don’t let this be you, call us at 289-337-6255 today and see how we can help you.


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