Dr. Morgan Sinclair, D.C.

Mississauga Chiropractor

“I was fortunate enough to be born into a chiropractic family and have been living the chiropractic lifestyle my entire life. I attribute a lot of my health and wellness, and the ability to do the things that I love, to chiropractic.”“When I was sixteen I had the opportunity to work as a chiropractic assistant. It was this experience that exposed me to many patient stories of how chiropractic changed their lives and impacted their health. The patients, stories and the chiropractor I worked with, sparked passion within me that drove me to where I am today.”

Dr. Morgan went to Brock University for Kinesiology. This was followed by attending the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in north Toronto, the only English-speaking chiropractic college in Canada.

“Meeting so many people from all over Canada with similar interests in the human body and chiropractic was a great experience,” remembers Dr. Morgan Sinclair.



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A Chiropractic Belief System

Chiropractors are most interested in the nervous system, the mastermind of the body. When there is interference (chemical, emotional or physical stress) to the nervous system, the body cannot function at its optimal state. The chiropractic wellness model empowers patients to eat well, move well, and think well so that the body can function at its best, with or without symptoms. Simply put; true health is optimum physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

“The human body represents the actions of three laws; spiritual, mechanical, and chemical, united as one. As long as there is perfect union of these three, there is health.” –DD Palmer, the founder of chiropractic

Dr. Morgan has been involved in many sports and activities throughout her life with hockey and downhill skiing being her focus, once competitively, and now recreationally. She also enjoys canoeing and water skiing at the cottage, practicing yoga, visiting the gym, and walking her well-loved dog ‘Atreyu’. She has been a ski instructor for 11 years, and during her time at chiropractic college she was a personal trainer and also worked as a health consultant for the Ontario divisions of a large international company.

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“In order to allow my body to sustain a busy professional and recreational lifestyle, I do my best to eat well, move well and think well. Frequenting the gym, staying physically active, and receiving regular adjustments, typically once a week, allow me to ‘move well’. Reading, taking time to ‘get away’ from the city, and listening to positive inspirational speakers allow me to ‘think well’.  Being vegetarian keeps ‘eating well’ interesting. My favourite way to start the day is with my own home-made ‘morning smoothie’, and ensuring I enjoy frequent and healthy meals throughout the rest of the day.” Dr. Morgan avoids over the counter pain medications and prescription drugs through prevention and care by living a chiropractic lifestyle.”

Dr. Morgan is excited to be part of the Maximized Health Team who offers vitalistic, patient-centered health care and a cutting edge wellness approach to its patients. “Thank you for visiting our site, and making your health a priority. I look forward to meeting you in person!”


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