11 Mar

Neck Adjustments Improve Brain Function

A study from 2007 published in the Journal of Neurophysiology called CERVICAL SPINE ADJUSTMENT ALTERS BRAIN IN ASYMPTOMATIC SUBJECTS demonstrated that an adjustment of the neck with patients not experiencing any pain will positively influence the cortical brain and create neuroplastic changes in the tissues.


The adjustments that the subjects received had a “direct influence on sensory input and resulted in brain cortical evoked responses”.  This is science jargon meaning that the adjustments changed the subjects brain for the better!

It was also noted that the adjustments reduced stress on the nervous system.  This is a direct link to your overall health.  The findings were that the adjustments caused enhanced active inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system tone measured after ALL adjustments!

The bottom line is that if your spine is subluxated (lost mobility or misaligned) it will lead to improper signalling and the adjustment will reduce them and improve the altered input in your nervous system.  Therefore your body’s ability to adapt to internal and external environment stresses will improve meaning you are better able to get and stay healthy.

Understanding how to improve brain adaptability is a big topic in health science today and know this….. EVERY ONE OF YOUR ADJUSTMENTS POSITIVELY AFFECTS YOUR BRAIN LIKE NOTHING ELSE!

Remember this:

  1. You can’t be healthy without a healthy spine and nervous system
  2. You have know way to know whether your spine is healthy or not without a checkup, regardless of symptoms
  3. Your health is determined by the health of your nerves
  4. Science supports that everyone and their families should have a chiropractor taking care of their spine from birth much the same that each family takes care of their teeth and sees their dentist for a lifetime.
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