23 Jan

Attention Headache Sufferers!

Its that time of the year when the weather is all over the place, we are stuck inside with little sunlight, generally not moving as much as we should be and the conditions are just right for us to get a headache. Headaches can be very common and quite difficult to diagnose as they can have a number of causes. Fortunately, most headaches do not require immediate medical attention and can gradually improve with time. However when headaches affect your daily life and quality of life it is time to seek attention from a qualified health professional.

Why Does my Head Hurt?

There are different triggers that can be causing your headaches. Most of these triggers are from physical stress and/or emotional stress. Examples of physical stress can be from sitting at your computer for 8+ hours a day in poor posture, or poor sleep habits (see our previous blog for sleep solutions!). Tension headaches account for 90% of all headaches. That means that most headaches are the result of muscle tension in your neck and/or upper back.  This is where chiropractors are perfectly lined up as a provider that can diagnose and treat the causes associated with most headaches. Pharmaceutical medications for the most part are ineffective in treating these headaches as they simply attempt to mask the problem or dull the pain. Even worse people have become conditioned to become overly reliant on products like Advil or Tylenol for dealing with their headaches and rely on them as their primary line of defence.

Help Yourself
The most important tip for resolving your headache is to remove the trigger that is causing it in the first place. Since the majority of headaches are based on tension in the neck and shoulders you need to work at removing the physical stress causing them to get tense. If you work at a computer and find yourself in poor postures throughout the day… work at taking mini “posture breaks”. Every hour get out of your seat and take a walk around the office or do some light neck  and shoulder stretches while at your desk. At home, work on releasing your tight muscles with self release techniques using a tennis ball or foam roller. Increase your water intake throughout the day rather then lining up for that third coffee of the day. There are many ways you can help yourself when it comes to dealing with your headaches.
We’re Here to Help!
If your headaches are persistent and not improving with some self help or if your tired of turning to products like Advil or Tylenol for your primary line of defence. its time to do something about the problem. Evidence has demonstrated that chiropractic care, including spinal adjustments, mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, and acupuncture can be an effective treatment for tension-type headaches. At Maximized Health our team is here to help get you back to the quality of life that you and your family deserve.
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