11 Mar

Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rogers, a Chiropractic Advocate

What do you and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers have in common? Your both Chiropractic Patients!

Recently, Rogers became the 40th quarterback to reach a 30,000 yard pass during his Week 6 match against the San Diego Chargers. Rogers now holds the title of the fastest player in the NFL to reach this milestone.

Rogers was able to reach this astonishing milestone after 3,652 attempts, a title previously held by Johnny Unitas. Rogers was named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player two times during his career (2011 and 2014), at this rate Rogers will become a household name never to forget, potentially making him one of the NFL’s greatest players.

His athletic performance this year has been one for the record book, making the Packers 6-0 and are favourites to win Super Bowl 50.

Align yourself with the superstars, get adjusted!

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