11 Mar

Boost Your Immunity….. Naturally!

If you haven’t noticed the vaccine debate is a hot topic right now…. should you get them or should you not?!?!?!  What shouldn’t be a debate however is whether or not seeing a chiropractor can play just as important role in your health as a preventative measure.

History Provides Some Interesting Insight…

If you date back to 1917-1918 during the international flu epidemic, well before vaccines were even invented, it was well documented that a massive 20 million people died worldwide.  At the same time of this epidemic there was an emerging health field and new science carving its path onto the flu scene…. CHIROPRACTIC!  And believe it or not, Chiropractic’s role during this epidemic helped to put the profession on the map.

In Iowa, medical doctors treated 93,590 flu patients where they still saw 6,116 deaths from the out-of-control virus.  This equated to a loss of 1 patient of every 15.  Chiropractors stepped up to the plate as well and saw 4,735 patients with the flu and only had 6 deaths.  A loss of one patient for every 789.  Statistics across the nation showed that 1,142 chiropractors looked after 46,394 patients for the flu during 1918 and only saw 54 patients lose their life.  This is a loss of only 25 deaths per 10,000.  Reports from New York City alone showed that 950 patients treated medically there had died.

This was a huge win for Chiropractic that seems to have long been forgotten.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Chiropractic Saves Lives!

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