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Do you have chiropractic insurance benefits? You must read this… HomeChiropractic 101Do you have chiropractic insurance benefits? You must read this…

Its an important fact to note that if you’re fortunate enough to have insurance benefits whether its private or through the company that you work for, insurance is only designed for short term pain relief of a recent illness, injury, or disease.  Its possible that some insurance plans provide care for the long term and chronic conditions, most do not.

This poses a few big problems for your care:

  1. The insurance provider never sees your examination results and have no idea what would be required to correct the problem or even what would be needed for pain relief even.  They blanket everyone on a particular plan with the same allotted amount of care.
  2.  There is absolutely NO consideration of prevention or wellness outside the traditional medicating or early detection model more known in the medical model of healthcare.

The question is would you like our doctors to make their recommendations based on your chiropractic insurance coverage or would you prefer recommendations to correct the problem based on the best evidence principle?  I hope that everyone would choose the latter.

Some practices do choose to limit their practice to pain relief only and this is okay and this is what some patients want.  However we chose to broaden our scope to prevention and wellness in addition to alleviating pain.

Choosing A Chiropractor

Within the chiropractic profession there are many ways to practice which may make choosing a chiropractor difficult because there’s so many options.  The biggest differentiation is whether a chiropractor office has a focus on pain relief or prevention and wellness.  Here is why we have chosen to help our patients with prevention and wellness:

  • Research has shown that if your spine is left in an improper position or a segment of the spine is stuck or not moving as well, the spine will degenerate (sometimes silently) and if it degenerates enough, then changes in the bone can put pressure on the adjacent nerves.
  • The last thing to show up when you have a condition in the body is the symptom and the first thing to go away when you begin to correct it is the symptom
  • Correcting the pain rarely corrects the underlying problem

Like changing the bone alignment in your mouth with braces, specific frequency and duration of your care are important to making changes to your spine.  We us advanced spinal correction techniques combined with our Spinal Hygiene Program to help correct the problem.

We base our recommendations on what it will take to correct your condition, not based on how much insurance coverage you have.


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