11 Mar

Harvard Doctor Acknowledges What Chiropractors Have Been Saying For Years

“The wisdom of the body is responsible for 90% of the hope of patients to recover. The body has a super wisdom that is in favor of life, rather than death. This is the power that we depend on for life. All doctors are responsible for letting their patients know of this great force working within them.”

* Dr. Richard Cabot, Harvard Medical School

With a quick look you would expect that a Chiropractor wrote this quote, however it was actually a Harvard Medical School professor in the late 1800’s. Although this universal law has not directed much attention from the current medical and pharmaceutical community, it has been at the core of Chiropractic practice since its inception.

Chiropractors have asserted the idea that “the Power that makes the body, heals the body.” The wisdom that Dr. Cabot mentions in his quote refers to the term Innate Intelligence used by Chiropractors. It refers to the Life that is within our cells, tissues, and organs. It is the harmonizing force that controls our body’s chemical balance. It coordinates all steps attributing to the healing process, from fixing a broken bone to settling cancer into remission. This force is in favor of your living, versus your dying.

It is a crucial responsibility of the Chiropractor to educate you about this great force, and to help keep you aligned with it. If you want to know who the REAL doctors are who are accountable for healing you, look in the mirror, that person is staring right back at you!  The best doctor in the world is you!

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