11 Mar

Do Chiropractors Get Adjusted?

To the surprise of one of our chiropractors the other day, a patient asked “Do you get adjusted too?” to which the doctor replied “Of Course!”.  That makes us wonder how many other patients don’t know that our doctors and staff all get adjusted regularly as well.  Obviously we have missed something in communicating this essential bit of information to our patients.  This is the BIG PICTURE.  If our patients really knew what chiropractic is truly about like we thought they did then they wouldn’t be asking these questions.

Chiropractic is more known for helping people with back pain, neck pain, headaches, numbness or tingling, and chiropractic is less known for helping with blood pressure, ear infections, bed wetting, heartburn and many more symptoms.  However, chiropractic does much, much more!  Chiropractic does NOT treat these specific conditions.


Chiropractic removes something called a subluxation in the spine that is an interference to the normal functioning of the body including healing.  Having the above listed symptoms disappear after these subluxations have been removed is merely a side effect to normal body function.  At some point along the way there has been a disconnect with this understanding and most people think of chiropractic as merely a safer “alternative” treatment for symptoms compared to medications.

So Why Do Our Doctors Need to Get Adjusted?

Because our doctors understand the following and to maximize your health you must be living subluxation free:

SUBLUXATION:  A condition of the spine where there is lack of movement or lack of position of a segment (vertebrae) that is causing your body to function less than 100% – interference to the flow of innate intelligence.

INNATE INTELLIGENCE:  The expression of life and control of all of the functioning of your body

ADJUSTMENT:  The chiropractic technique used to remove a subluxation in order to allow the body to move towards 100% health.

Simply, chiropractic is the detection and correction of subluxation, with the intent of restoring the flow of innate intelligence so that every person receiving care can express as closest to 100% health as possible based on the individuals lifestyle.

What can cause subluxations?

To keep this simple its the 3 big stresses in our lives:

  1. Physical Stress or Trauma
  2. Emotional Stress
  3. Physiological / Nutrional / Environmental Deficiency or Toxicity

Chiropractors are exposed to the same above stresses so  it is important that they get adjusted as well if they want to experience maximized health.

Enjoy LIFE. Get Adjusted.

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