• Your always looking for short-term solutions to improve your health
  • You are constantly making excuses about why you can’t stay on track
  • Through challenging times you give up easily and fall back to old habits
  • You require “motivation” to stay on track
  • You use terms like “I should…” or “I would but….”

If you’ve now discovered that you only have an interest in your health rather than a commitment then you owe it to yourself to ask another question.  What are the consequences for yourself and those whom love you or depend on you if you completely lose your health?  This can be referred to as your “Big Why”.  Why do you need to save your life?  This is a very important question because the only way that you will ever be committed to your health is if you are inspired to achieve it.  Inspiration is more likely to come when you think outside of yourself.

When You Are Inspired, You Will Be Committed

When you are committed, you don’t make excuses, you overcome all challenges and your character becomes one of courage and perseverance.  Health only comes to those who are in it for the long haul.  Find your inspiration and stay on track.

Where does health come from?

Health is when your body is healing and functioning at 100% not just the absence of symptoms, sickness and disease.  Healing comes from within.  Its your bodies brain, spinal cord and nerves that control all the functioning and healing of your body.  Being committed to your health therefore means regular check ups to make sure your body’s nerve system is healthy.  Much like regular check ups with your dentist for your teeth, regular check ups with your chiropractor ensure the health of your spine and nerves.  If you know anyone who you care about with or without symptoms who has not had there spine and nervous system checked in the last 6 months then its important for them to have check up as soon as possible.