Dr. Morgan: Hi I’m Dr. Morgan.

Dr. Colin: I’m Dr. Colin.

Dr. Morgan: Sometimes when we are delivering an adjustment, a patient might ask, “what’s that cracking sound”? And we want to let you know, it is a positive sound. It is the sound of gas being released over the joint. Its not a grinding sound, it’s not bones rubbing on bone. An analogy would be opening up a can of pop. That gas being released over the can (snaps fingers) and you can hear a pop.

Dr. Colin: Yeah, another thing it is like is if you ever popped your knuckle or cracked your finger. So you can easily test this out by pulling on it, and you’ll hear that sound. That sound that you hear is actually the gas escaping from the joint, so it is very, very similar to what’s happening to your adjustment on your spine. Remember we are not pushing the bones together. If you were to grind the bones together, that wouldn’t be a good thing, but in fact we are separating the joint, the gas is able to escape and makes that very positive sound.

Dr. Morgan: Yeah, for those who ask what’s that cracking sound, now you know. We look forward to seeing you at your next adjustment. I’m Dr. Morgan.

Dr. Colin: And I’m Dr. Colin.

Dr. Morgan: Have an awesome day.


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